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Preview – X-O Manowar #21 – Un-armored… and in Chains


XO_021_COVER_DAVISX-O Manowar #21
Variant Cover by CARY NORD
$3.99/T+/32 pgs.

Aric of Dacia is in a bad place. The X-O Armor was stripped from him and bonded to Unity member LiveWire. His giant Vine alien warship, which was a big asset in carving out an empire in modern day Romania, is dead and at the bottom of the ocean, and him and his people are being held captive by the government. Aric’s choices seem to be dwindling to none.
As he is being interrogated by Colonel Jamie Capshaw (last seen over in UNITY, working hand in hand with Harada ) of the United States Military Extraterrestrial Reconnaissance Outpost (M.E.R.O) , Aric’s usefulness to the U.S. government is questioned. Colonel Capshaw points out that ever thing that gave him any advantage in negotiating with the Government for the release of his people is gone. The Armor and Spaceship could have put the U.S. at a military advantage for decades to come, pus prep them for an eventual extraterrestrial war.

Aric quickly reminds them that a Visigoth is never at a disadvantage.  After breaking free, Aric reveals a hither too unknown link to the X-O Armor. You see, way back, Aric lost his hand and the Armor grew it back for him. Looks like the connection between Aric and the X-O Armor is a little more than just skin deep…..
Robert Venditti and Cary Nord continue to push X-O Manowar into the top ranks of cool comic books superheroes, progressing the character forward in his own title, while working closely with Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite in tying the arc into events in the ongoing UNITY series seamlessly, helping to build a more cohesive Valiant Universe.

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