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Preview! Unity #5 – All New Arc!


Just as Bob reported back in September (really? September?), here comes Unity #5! Check out the new pages!


Valiant press release:

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Unity #5 – the FIRST ISSUE of an all-new adventure for Valiant’s elite all-star superteam! Start reading here on March 12th as New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) and Valiant exclusive superstar CAFU (Action Comics) unleash a vicious new vision of Ninjak’s ultimate enemy in “Trapped by Webnet” – a new three-part story arc and a perfect standalone jumping-on point for one of the year’s best-selling, breakout new series debuts!

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. First came UNITY… Now meet WEBNET! Coming off of the earth-shattering repercussions of their first mission, Ninjak is leading the newly formed Unity team right back into the trenches to face the Valiant Universe’s next colossal threat – the enigmatic Dr. Silk and his high-tech terror cell: WEBNET! With the fate of untold millions on the line, can this team of cutthroat heroes uncover Silk’s endgame – and his deadly connection to Ninjak’s shadowed past?

On March 12th, the doctor is out…of his mind! Prepare to meet Valiant’s next A-level enemy when Dr. Silk triggers “Trapped by Webnet,” only in Unity #5! Featuring four limited Pullbox Exclusive Variants by Mico Suayan (Ultimate Cataclysm), Philip Tan (Green Lantern), Raul Allen (Secret Avengers), and Diego Bernard (X-O Manowar), pre-order with your local comic shop today to reserve your copy of this all-new, action-packed turning point for Valiant’s blockbuster superteam!

Annnnd Pages!!!!!

UNITY_005_001 UNITY_005_002 UNITY_005_003

UNITY_005_004 UNITY_005_005 UNITY_005_006

Written by MATT KINDT
Art by CAFU
Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN (JAN141349)
Pullbox Exclusive Variant by MICO SUAYAN (JAN141350)
Pullbox Exclusive Variant by PHILIP TAN (JAN141351)
Pullbox Exclusive Variant by RAUL ALLEN (JAN141352)
Pullbox Exclusive Variant by DIEGO BERNARD (JAN141353)
Variant Cover by MATT KINDT (JAN141354)
B&W Sketch Variant by MICO SUAYAN (JAN141355)
$3.99/T+/32 pgs.
ON SALE 3/12/14 (FOC –2/17/14)

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