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Preview – Torchbearer #6 – Red Stylo Media


I’ve loved Michael Montenat’s work for a long time, when I saw “Spirit of The Law” at Asbury Comic Con () I knew this man had talent, and every book he does just shows it more and more…

Preview - Torchbearer #6 TORCHBEARER #6, Pythia 5
Years before current events, a strange illness befell the inhabitants of Pythia 5. As Prometheus sent one of its officers to the scene, a lowly Promethean employee discovered a shocking secret that threatened the lives of his family.

His name: Cayoti.

Writer: Nicolas Dedual
Pencils and Inks: Michael Montenat
Colors: Ron Riley
Letters: Dave Lanphear
Editor: M.I. Annoni
Cover by: Michael Montenat with colors by Ron Riley

Check out pages below:

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…click the link for even more of this beautiful book from Red Stylo!

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