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Preview / Review The Army of Dr Moreau #3 – The Hunt Is On!



Zeller and his team are finally on the island, what horrors will they find there? But that’s not the only hunt, the Nazis want the man-animal things, all of them, and they plan on rounding them up anyway they can.

This is one of those issues that build the suspense, you know at this point there has to be a three-way confrontation of some kind (I hope). But when and where is still unclear. Will Zeller’s men find allies in the creatures? Will the Nazis capture Zeller’s men?

There were a couple of really cool war movie layouts in this issue, the five men fanned out plotting and planning and such. That kind of story telling really gives it that Guns of Navarone feel. I’m really enjoying this book, this issue did feel a little quick though. Can’t wait for issue 4!

ArmyofDrMoreau01 ArmyofDrMoreau02

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The Army of Dr Moreau #3 gets a 4 out of 5

The Army of Dr. Moreau #3
Writer: David F. walker
Art: Carl Sciacchitano
Colorist: Sara Machajewski
Price: $.99
Pages: 21
Rating: 15+

Violence explodes as Metzger and his Nazis search for the Beast-Folk that inhabit the island, but it is just the prelude to a much bigger war that looms ahead. Meanwhile, Zeller discovers the true nature of evil as he and the others make a shocking discovery.
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