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Preview Review – Peter Panzerfaust #8 – “…to have faith is to have wings”


It seems like some books can do no wrong. I just finished (and I mean moments ago) issue #8 of Peter Panzerfaust. By issue eight of a series you’re usually finished with the first arc and kind of getting comfortable with the characters and the surroundings. You pretty much feel like you know where the book is going. That’s where I was at the end of the last issue.


Let’s recap. Peter and the boys have come a long way. They’ve escaped Calais, they survived the road to Paris, they’ve made enemies, found allies, and lost loved ones. Now one of theirs has been captured and they are going to get him back. – After the failed rescue attempt last issue Wendy has gone deep and uncovered new information on Felix’s whereabouts. Peter and the boys know that this is their last chance to reach him before he’s shipped to Germany but how do you rescue someone from a speeding train! Have faith friends Peter and the boys have a plan!

I’ve spoken before about the writing, it’s amazing Kurtis has somehow plucked the Peter we all remember and found another environment where his particular personality can shine. This is the Peter we all wish we could run with, confident, brash, and exuberant with a defiance and child-like dedication to his brothers and the cause all lend themselves perfectly to the idea of the Nazi resistance fighter.

The art is a treat every single issue, Tyler Jenkins’ style is simply captivating. He has a wonderful sense of angle and proportion. His backgrounds aren’t super detailed but instead of looking sparse or simple it serves to perfectly focus your eye on the subject of the panel. That being said there are panels with such wonderful detail, a farmhouse with beautiful clouds above it and the horses in the yard, you just have to stop and take it all in.

I’m not going to spoil this issue, we all know I don’t do spoilers. I will say this. It builds to a cliff-hanger that will leave you holding your breath.

Peter Panzerfaust #8
Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Artist/Cover Artist: Tyler Jenkins
Price: $3.50
UPC: 70985301163700811
On Sale: January 2013
Publisher: Shadowline/Image
Diamond Id: SEP120515

On another note, Kurtis J Wiebe has a great article on his personal blog entitled More Than Money – Why I Will Write Peter Panzerfaust Regardless of Sales. It’s a rare look at why some creators do what they do. I highly recommend reading it.


If this is a title you haven’t gotten into yet let me suggest downloading issue #1 free at comixology!


There’s also the volume one trade in stores now! It collects issues 1 – 5.
Peter Panzerfaust Volume 1: The Great Escape

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