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Preview / Review – Jonny Diamond Detective #1on Sale Jan 15th



I used to listen to old radio shows with my parents. My favorites were the detective shows. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, The Fat Man, Boston Blackie were all favorites. I like old detective movies too. The Thin Man series in particular. Johnny Diamond Detective goes for that type of 30s detective noir feel, but with a twist.JonnyDiamondDet01

Jonny Diamond is your typical detective. Trouble seems to find him more than he chases it. After acquiring some bruises and a black eye from a case, Johnny comes back to his office to discover the requisite beautiful dame with a case for him. Of course she’s trouble and he knows it. He just doesn’t care in light of how gorgeous she is.

She claims to have a stalker. So Jonny goes to find and dissuade him from this endeavor. Upon finding him and bringing him back Johnny and his secretary/sidekick, Sarah discover there is way more going on than thought. It may be far more than they can handle.


I enjoyed Jonny Diamond. It’s written and drawn very specifically in a dark noir style, almost stereotypically so. The characters are very much the ones you expect in this type of story. Yet Horatiu Radoiu manages to throw a twist in that brings a touch of the modern to it. It will be interesting to watch how the stereotypes play with the outlier.

I give Jonny Diamond Detective 3 out of 5 stars. It’s definitely worth a look.


JonnyDiamondDet03 JonnyDiamondDet04 JonnyDiamondDet05

Jonny Diamond, Detective #1

Written and Drawn by Horatiu Radoiu
SRP: $1.99

Jonny Diamond gets back from an assignment, and he doesn’t seem to have the best night he’s ever had. Until he discovers a beautiful woman waiting for him in his office. She comes to him asking for help, but is he perhaps the one really in danger?

Comixology link goes live as of January 15th: Jonny Diamond Detective #1

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