Preview Review! EXTERMINATION #1 from Boom! Studios Hits the stands today!! ~ What'cha Reading?

Preview Review! EXTERMINATION #1 from Boom! Studios Hits the stands today!!


Boom! Studios has really come into their own as of late. Supurbia, Irredeemable, Elric, Fanboy vs Zombies, Planet of The Apes, Snarked, and Valen the Outcast to name a few.

And Now We Have…

Cover by James Harren Colors by Blond

This month (Wednesday! June 6th!) see the launch of Extermination, a new series created by Matt Gagnon (Editor-in-Chief at Boom!) and written by Simon Spurrier (X-CLUB, FEAR ITSELF: THE HOME FRONT, WOLVERINE: DANGEROUS GAMES) this series is being billed as a “super-hero survival story” in which archenemies must fight side by side against an alien invasion. But you can read a plot synopsis anywhere let’s jump into the important stuff.

Art? Top notch, Jeffery Edwards isn’t an overly realistic artist in his characterizations which usually isn’t my favorite style. It works really well. His designs are great and his layouts and detail work rock. Blond’s difference in tone between scenes that take place before and after the invasion lend a wonderful moodiness to the book. Jeffery and Blond make an excellent team, I look forward to seeing how they do in future issues. The world is big and detailed and I can’t wait to see more of it.

One of the things that immediately struck me was though the book takes place on an earth-type world its name is never mentioned. Though lots of the story takes place in flashback no years are given. I love it. One of my hang-ups with the dystopian story type is the need many authors have to set the time and the place firmly in everyone’s mind, usually by repeating it in every way imaginable. Are there some hints? Sure, but nothing set in stone.

We only meet two characters in the first issue Nox and The Red Reaper. Nox, (who echos Batman in pretty much every important way) is tough, intelligent, thinks of himself as a detective and most importantly doesn’t believe in killing. The Red Reaper is not a spot on match to any current super villain I can think of (Someone I haven’t thought of? Feel free to put it in the comments slappy!). He’s a super scientist, obviously brilliant, snarky and a little sniveling. Definitely better balanced than any Batman or Superman villain. Oh! I got it! He’s Madison Jefferies crossed with Dr. Nemesis! Maybe. I don’t know. Let me just make it clear, I like these two characters, like the world they find themselves in. They’ve got a great shared history that although it’s one of animosity makes for some great dialogue.

The “Bad Guys” are aliens, from where you may ask? I have no clue! There appear to be several different types; Whinedrones (ship? being? unclear), Scouts (creatures who seem to form from nowhere), Huskers (a monstrous looking thing that feeds on humans) and who knows how many more. We have the obligatory sci-fi speak (bladecycle, Tech-lair, Themtek) but it’s just campy and tongue in cheek enough that it doesn’t get annoying.

What else can I say to convince you? Super heroes on the run across a barren wasteland world from ugly bloodthirsty alien monsters! Good clean sci-fi super hero fun! Buy it! Read it! Strong 5 out of 5. Oh by the way, thirty two pages for one dollar. That is how you launch a new title.

Created by MATT GAGNON
SC, 32pgs, FC, SRP: $1.00
Diamond Code: APR120887

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  2. Hi Charles!

    My name is Brianna and I am Ross Riches assistant at Boom! Studios. Thank you so much for the review! If you didnt see, it is up on our website in the blog section. One thing though, Matt is actually the Editor and Chief not the Managing Editor, if you wouldn’t mind just fixing that small detail. Until the next review or preview!

    Thank you,

    Boom! Studios

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