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Espionage. James Bond, Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible, we all love a good spy story. Deceivers’ vibe is more of The Persuaders or The Saint. Lincoln McCord is an international, well it’s hard to define. Is he a thief? A spy? An adventurer? A con man? He’s definitely a player and in this first issue he gets pulled from his “crazy cowboy lifestyle” of fast cars and rich women into a web of intrigue. A web that immediately entangles him with Markiz Janez Aleksander Nikovic, a rival and (at this point) enemy. What involvement have either of these men had with an ongoing string of daring intelligence thefts? And how deep will they get in the issues to come?

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I’ve never had the pleasure of reading Steven Grant’s work before, I missed 2 Guns completely, so I can’t compare this to his older work. This book though? It’s fast paced, well scripted with some strong dialogue. Lincoln has a soliloquy mid issue that I really enjoyed “…I don’t make plans. Life’s more fun without them. And if you’re really trying not to be all dead inside, paranoia’s not the best way to go about it…” Steven gives us a picture of another world, one where privilege opens the door to opulence and danger. When you pair his writing with Jose Holder’s art, which can have a sketchy sparse quality I find appealing you get a story that pulls you through the 22 pages quickly but stands up well to multiple reads.

This one gets a 4 out of 5, for originality, style, and execution…

Deceivers #1
Writer(s): Steven Grant
Artist(s): José Holder
On Sale: December 25, 2013
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Diamond Id: OCT130993
Diamond Code: OCT130993
Format: LIMITED SERIES (6 issue)
Price: $3.99
UPC: 84428400351300111

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