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Preview / Review – Anonymous Nancy #1 – ComiXology Release


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There is no way I can pretend I didn’t read this initially just because it shares my name. That’s how I discovered Nancy Drew after all. I also like titles with badass women so it appealed on many levels. Nancy is an enigma but you definitely know she’s a badass.

AnonymousNancy01When we meet her Nancy is getting a job at the Dollar Barn and decidedly not pleased by the idea.  As we get to hear the thoughts in her head we discover she has faced far worse challenges than Dollar Barn, yet she is definitely more intimidated by the day-to-day grind of retail than by 10 months buried in a hole in Chile.  It seems Nancy is a mercenary, currently on a break.

She is also caring for a ten-year old boy, Steven, who is not her son. She is on a mission to discover who betrayed her and he appears to have something to do with that. While she does the retail thing by day, at night she does her other work, information gathering. That may involve some B & E.

The first issue definitely is mostly set up. I don’t have a good sense of the story yet but AnonymousNancy02with a character like that, that’s ok. There’s a reason you’d call her Anonymous Nancy. She has some different quirks in her tale that make you want to hang around to find out what is going on and how she got here and what the hell does this kid have to do with anything.  The art is not a style I love, its detailed and rough at the same time but it is properly evocative for the character and story.


I give Anonymous Nancy 3 out of 5 stars. She has me interested enough in her story to want more.


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Anonymous Nancy #1

Written by Brendan Hykes

Price: $0.99

Page Count: 28 Pages

Digital Release Date: Jan 8th 2014

Age Rating: 15+ Only

The new girl at the Dollar Barn seems a bit stand-offish. Where did she get that scar? And the little boy with her can’t possibly be her son. And why is she always out so late?

ComiXology Link: Anonymous Nancy #1

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