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Preview – The Red Panda #8 – Monkeybrain Comics


Come take a look at the preview of Monkeybrain Comics pulp comic “The Red Panda”! It’s a really fun book with some great dialogue. Expect a full review of this series soon! A new arc starts here! Great jumping on point for new readers!

Preview - The Red Panda #8 - Monkeybrain ComicsThe Red Panda #8: Night of the Red Panda Part 5
Writer: Gregg Taylor
Artist: Dean Kotz
Price: $0.99
Pages: 28
Rating: 12+

The all-new, two-fisted pulp adventures Terrific Twosome of Toronto! This issue: “Dance of the Dead pt. 1 of 2” When August Fenwick takes in a charity ball, he finds himself swarmed by the reanimated dead without a bright red domino mask or plucky sidekick in sight! But can Kit Baxter really be far behind? Plus two more serialized chapters of the prose pulp novel “Pyramid of Peril”, and a behind the scenes “Villain File” on sinister science villain and mistress of the undead Professor Zombie.

Direct link to purchase: (release date is 10/15)

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