Preview - FRACTURE ENCORE EDITION #1 in Comic Shops January 29th ~ What'cha Reading?

Preview – FRACTURE ENCORE EDITION #1 in Comic Shops January 29th



Writer(s): Shawn Gabborin
Artist Name(s): Chad Cicconi
Cover Artist(s): Chad Cicconi
Synopsis: Just in time for FRACTURE Volume 2, see where the story began with this encore edition of FRACTURE Volume 1 #1! In the metropolis of Lower Triton, the city’s greatest hero, Virtue, its nastiest villain, Malice, and an everyman named Jeff have something very important in common. They’re all the same guy — and none of them knows it…until now!

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I could review this book but, well , I already did…

Shawn Gabborin has said he’s mostly a horror writer and while this book isn’t horror per say it definitely has that unsettling quality shared by the best twilight zone episodes. From the first couple of pages when Jeff first realizes he’s having blackouts we’re just as confused and unsettled as he is, are these dreams? Hallucinations? We quickly find out that’s not the case. Instead of dragging out the is this really happening aspect of the story Shawn launches us right into the reality of Jeff’s situation. If he closes his eyes who will he be? And can he handle the things those personalities do?

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