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Preview Eternal Warrior #8 – Witness the End of an Emperor!


Preview Eternal Warrior #8 - Witness the End of an Emperor!

Gilad Anni-Padda has walked the Earth for thousands of years, and once again must play the role of its protector. To save the remnants of humanity, he must once again lead an army into battle, a mad dash through a murder cult, to get at a cache of medication that will save his people from the radiation poisoning that is slowly killing them.

Can the Eternal Warrior lead an army of untrained civilians, unfamiliar with the high-tech weapons they have against a massive horde of maniacs who destroy all form of life they see? What fateful decision will he make that changes the landscape of the Valiant future? Will Rai make an appearance??? Welcome to 4001A.D., hope you survive the experience!

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Written by GREG PAK
Cover by LEWIS LAROSA (FEB141482)
$3.99/T+/32 pgs.
ON SALE 4/23/14

About Author

Trained by the Four-Color wizard, Hagan, in all things comic-booky, young Robert took to the streets of New York, dragging his large bespectacled head from comic shop to comic shop, absorbing, learning… knowing…. Until a very delayed pubescent spurt in his early thirties when the tumescent lump of comic knowledge burst forth, rupturing into nonsensical rants about Jack Kirby, superhero related tattoos, questionable cosplay activities, worshiping Jim Starlin as a prophet, and courting the young lady working in his local comic shop. Now he is just mad…roaming the streets late at night while walking his dog, plotting and preparing to unleash more comic-booky goodness on an unsuspecting world. He likes bread. The food. He thinks the band is crap. *Hey wanna freak Bob out? Come follow him on twitter (@dyrewolf1218), he's totally new to it and suspects it may be black magic...* - Chuck the editor monkey

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