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Preview / Review of Destiny’s Fate #1


Story by Devin Leigh Michaels
Art by Mau Vargas
Colors by Rodrigo Tobias
Letters by Taylor Esposito
Release Date Wednesday August 29th
Publisher IC Geeks

Synopsis from Devin Michaels:

Fate cannot be changed, Kainoa Ryder’s adoptive parents had told him. There was a plan, a preordained chain of events no one could change. If someone tried, the consequences would be grave, for he/she would be rebelling against the laws of time itself. The Ryders would know. As Defenders of the Fourth Dimension, they protect all of time’s events.

Kainoa only remembers his adoptive parents’ words as lies. Stolen by his grandfather—the former head of the Defenders—and raised in Medieval Japan, Kainoa has harnessed the gift of Destiny, the ability to travel through time. Where others need the help of a device called an Anchron to change time periods, Kainoa only needs a single thought, and where the Defenders simply protect time, he can rule it.

The first issue is fast paced on page one you given an attack and a flashback simultaneously, you’re thrown into the story at full speed. But with all that action you get exposition too.

We then meet Kainoa’s team of time traveling assassins and get to see them in full stabby-shooty action! Here, look at this…

After the completion of the current mission we return home with our heroes to meet Kainoa’s Grandfather, we get a peek at their relationship and where the story is headed. Though beautifully illustrated the violence level and ease with which our fifteen year old protagonist delivers his killing blows threw me a little. But after reading through the whole issue I get the feeling that there is more to that part of the story to come.

Devin definitely has an interesting story to tell and after reading this issue I think she’ll tell it well. Vargas’ art style is a little new to me, kind of animation-ish. I like it but it did take some getting used to. As a package this book works really well. The art, story, colors, and letters really compliment each other well.

This is the first issue of a seven issue mini series which is a huge undertaking for a self published comic. I give issue one a solid 3.5 out of 5. I can’t wait for issue two I need to know where this story goes.

Did I mention this book is available through a Kickstarter campaign? Here’s the link: Destiny’s Fate Kickstarter. Stop by, read more about this promising new series. And hey while your there? Kick some money in! Support Independent Comics!

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