Preview Skinned #1 Monkeybrain Release 4/16! ~ What'cha Reading?

Preview Skinned #1 Monkeybrain Release 4/16!


And Skinned, which looks really cool. I’m looking forward to reading this one…

Preview Skinned #1 Monkeybrain Release 4/16!

Skinned_1-2Skinned #1
Writer: Tim Daniel, Jeremy Holt
Artist: Joshua Gowdy
Letterer: Matthew Meylikhov
Price: $0.99
Pages: 21
Rating: 15+
Iris is the perfect marriage of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, serving as the backbone for enhanced reality contact lenses that provide users with the perfect antidote to reality’s many maladies. From pop-culture inspired fantasies to manifestations of their personal imagining, they see the world precisely as they wish. To ensure societal tranquility, citizens of cView City are fitted with a pair of lenses at birth, but when Aldair–a teenage programming heiress–gets a glimpse of life with her own eyes, the world she once knew irrevocably changes forever.
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Skinned_1-3 Skinned_1-4 Skinned_1-5

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