Preview: Carbon - Environmental Horror Coming in August from Caliber Comics ~ What'cha Reading?

Preview: Carbon – Environmental Horror Coming in August from Caliber Comics



Preview: Carbon - Environmental Horror Coming in August from Caliber Comics

(June 1, 2014).  A supernatural horror story intertwined with environmental issues so timely they appear to come from the day’s headlines, just barely scratches the surface of Carbon, the all new graphic novel from Daniel Boyd, and to be released by Caliber Comics nationally in August of 2014.  The book will be available in comic shops via Diamond Distributors, Order #JUN141016 and retails for $19.99.

Set in the southern West Virginia coalfields, Carbon tells the story of what happens when an evil coal operator unwittingly awakens and releases a cursed and banished underground civilization onto the surface.  The only two things that stand in the way of the end of the world are a disgraced, ex-pro baseball pitcher and a community of courageous coal miners.

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Carbon is the main reason I got into graphic narrative. It is a story I’ve wanted to tell for well over 10 years. When thinking about coal issues, it all sprang from the realization that we’re all carbon. Plants, animals, and we humans, are the ingredients of this fossil fuel. What if you put the process in reverse?” said Boyd, who during that time has transitioned from a successful movie-making career into creating award-winning graphic novels. “Coal is the epicenter of climate change and Carbon’s setting, West Virginia, is the epicenter of coal.”

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Boyd dedicated Carbon to “those that toil in darkness – coal miners” and said that whatever side of the debate over the industry you fall on, miners are the often unseen heroes. Boyd, a West Virginia State University Assistant Professor of Communications, has produced documentaries and feature films before shifting his focus to graphic novels with Chillers and now, Carbon.

Brazilian artist Edi Guedes provided artwork with Alzir Alves doing the coloring on this full color original graphic novel. Guedes worked with Boyd on Chillers, and has also illustrated such comics as The Daughters of Merlin and Agencies Frontiers.

Carbon features an introduction by well-known filmmaker John Sayles (Lone Star, Matewan, Eight Men Out,) describing the graphic novel as “an ambitious addition to the long tradition, religious and secular, of that basic cautionary tale – be careful what you dig up.”

Although Carbon will be released nationally in August, there have been a few limited book signings in special campaigns to bring awareness to the coal situation in West Virginia. Caliber Publisher, Gary Reed said, “Danny’s getting this book out to the general public at festivals and seminars for people who are concerned about the plight of coal mining. We think the interest generated there can only help bring awareness in the comics market.”


“Danny Boyd’s Carbon combines three distinct genres- Lovecraftian gorefest, religious picture book and political allegory- to tell the story or our slow and conscious self-poisoning” —John Sayles, from his introduction.

Carbon is a great sci-fi adventure, with some serious political and economic themes running just below its surface. Boyd has crafted a story that manages to entertain and make you think without being too didactic or preachy and he still leaves you wanting more.” —Popcult Bookshelf

“Boyd marries sci-fi monster flick ideas with Appalachian tragedy, showing us imaginative allegory and authentic profundity do not have to be mutually exclusive.” Chris Oxley, Ain’t it Cool News.

“This graphic novel’s tale is a self contained piece of world building, loaded generously with imaginative flair and yet still grounded in reality like the wise Aesop born anew.”—Richard Caldwell, Heavy Metal Magazine.

“…explores humanity’s exploitative relationship with nature that is heartfelt, intimate, and totally outrageous!”— Scott Marcano, screenwriter of BioDome and Sanitarium.


About Danny Boyd

Boyd is an acclaimed filmmaker with dozens of films to his credit, including Chillers, Strangest Dreams: Invasion of the Space Preachers and Paradise Park. Two of Boyd’s archeology documentaries, Red Salt & Reynolds  and Ghosts Of Green Bottom , won national Telly awards, and both were regional Emmy nominees.  In addition to his work at WVSU, Boyd has taught around the world including in Tanzania as a three-time Fullbright Scholar. He has recently moved into graphic novel creation with Chillers the graphic novel series. Chillers Book 1 was a 2012 Shel Dorf nominee for original graphic novel of the year and a Ghastly Award nominee for best horror anthology.


About Caliber Comics

Caliber was one of the leading independent comic companies in the 1990s and recently announced their return to publishing.  The line features diverse quality in both collections of memorable works and releases, such as Carbon, of all new material in original graphic novels.

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