Preview: Burning Fields #1 - Moreci, Daniel, Lorimer, & Rossmo Take On Military Horror! ~ What'cha Reading?

Preview: Burning Fields #1 – Moreci, Daniel, Lorimer, & Rossmo Take On Military Horror!



This was actually a new concept to me, “military horror“, and one I was kind of confused by as far as I’m confused war is hell so military horror almost seems redundant but I figured it’s Moreci so I’ll give it a shot. This is some graphic stuff…


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But then it falls right back into that tightly scripted deep plot that Moreci is known for. Couple the script, which keeps you reading, with Colin Lorimer’s detailed art and muted palate and the perfect pacing between plot and shocking visceral scenes of horror and you’ve got a book that’s as mesmerizing as it is disturbing.

I’m giving Burning Fields #1 a 4.5 out of 5.

Burning Fields #1
Writer: Moreci, Michael
Artist: Lorimer, Colin
Cover Artist: Lorimer, Colin
Format: COMIC
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
On Sale: January 21, 2015
Price: $3.99
Product ID: NOV141067

Here’s the plot synopsis from BOOM! Studios:

“Dana Atkinson, a dishonorably discharged army investigator, is pulled back to the Middle East when a group of American oil technicians disappear under bizarre circumstances. With the help of an Iraqi investigator, what Dana discovers is unimaginable: a series of unusual incidents at the drill site lead her and her unlikely ally to discover a mythic evil that has been released, one that threatens both the lives of the entire region and the fragile peace that exists.”

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