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Preview/Review Beautiful Scars – On Sale Today!


I’ve often said I’m proud of my scars because they’ve made me who I am. Typically I’m talking about emotional scars rather than physical but every scar has a story, physical and mental. If our scars make us who we are, it’s the stories that give us a map of the journey we’ve traveled to get there.

Preview/Review Beautiful Scars - On Sale Today!

Ridley is a dreamer and a writer. She’s also a little girl. Her mom takes her on a visit to her grandparents’ house. She doesn’t want to go, she’d rather stay lost in her stories. Moms make the rules of course so she has no choice. Once there she runs to her grandmother but runs away from her grandfather. It seems he scares her. When he catches up with her he sits down and begins to tell the stories associated with all his scars. How he met and fell in love with her grandmother, his experience in the war a whole life shown in the marks on his body. She realizes he loves stories as much as she and an enduring bond forms between them.

I loved Beautiful Scars in theory more than execution. The story of the girl and her grandfather is wonderful and touching. Parallel to it is the story of a princess, her paramour and a troll. That story was also fun but I felt the method of having both stories told simultaneously detracted from the main story. That of a man and his memories. I may try reading it again; this time reading each story separately. This may work better for both.

The art is beautiful and vivid. The grandfather’s memories come alive on the page. The fairy tale story is done in a more storybook style of art which is lovely as well.

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I’m giving Beautiful Scars  a split rating  3 out of 5 stars for the overall book but 4 out of 5 for the main story.  It’s worth a read but you may want to read Ridley’s story first.

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Beautiful Scars (HC)
Writer: Talon, Durwin S.
Artist: Thompson, E. G.
Cover Artist: Thompson, E. G.
On Sale: April 02, 2014
Publisher: Archaia
Diamond Id: JAN141012
Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978193639334351999


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