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Pre-Order Stray #1 – Start the New Year Right!


Pre-Order Stray #1 - Start the New Year Right!Love super hero comics? Well have I got one for you.

“The Doberman, one of the world’s greatest heroes, has been killed…but by whom? And where has his former sidekick, the Rottweiler, been? Will he avenge his mentor’s death?”
Vito Delsante approaches The Doberman’s story from a great perspective, as he leads us effortlessly from the past to the present watching as The Doberman trains his sidekick The Rottweiler on to the Justice League-like team’s resistance and eventual acceptance of the young man and then The Doberman’s death and a peek at his now ex-sidekick’s current life. Rodney is anything but a super hero after leaving “the life” and it’s not entirely clear if he’s willing to jump back into the cape and tights to solve the mystery of his mentor’s death. Vito has assured everyone that Stray is a story about “redemption and identity” so it can’t be long before The Rottweiler is on the hunt, will The Doberman’s old friends and team-mates be a help? Or a hindrance?
This twist on the Hero/Sidekick dynamic, the conflict without the head to head confrontations we’ve witnessed between Dick and Bruce was quite entertaining. I always loved the idea of analyzing the motivations behind a sidekick leaving or staying. I’m hoping Vito doesn’t get lost in the hunt for The Doberman’s killer and takes some time to examine that dynamic.
The opening issue’s two story-lines intertwine very well and Sean Izaakse has a terrific grasp of the dynamics of super hero fight scenes and of parkour for that matter. The Nightwing/Daredevil influences are very prevalent but Sean’s style is still very much his own.
Stray is, like most of Action Lab’s releases, a mini series with an option to return for more. I’ve been enjoying that aspect of the publisher’s releases and would love it if some of the larger (looking at you Image) publishers would a adopt similar approach to new series. If you do take our recommendation and pick up Stray you can be sure you’re getting a complete story, one with the door firmly propped open for the next installment.

Want to read Stray #1? You’ve got some options. First and foremost you can contact your local comic shop and pre-order the January 28 print release (Diamond order code is below). Can’t wait that long? Click on over to comiXology and buy a digital copy right now!

Stray #1 get’s a four out of five!

Stray #1
(W) Vito Delsante (A) Sean Izaakse (CA) Mike Norton, Ben Hunzeker
Diamond Item Code: NOV140915
In Shops: 1/28/2015
SRP: $3.99

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