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Portrait of the Artist as a Kid: TOON’s Written and Drawn by Henrietta


I can’t say it often enough: I love TOON Books. They consistently put out fun, smart content for kids of all ages and tastes. I love having them in my home, I love having them in my libraries, I love that they exist. One of the books they’re putting out this Fall, Written and Drawn by Henrietta, by 2014 Eisner nominee, Liniers, is likely to be one of my favorite books of the year. Let’s discuss.

Portrait of the Artist as a Kid: TOON's Written and Drawn by Henrietta

Henrietta is ready to write a book – a scary one about a monster with three heads and two hats. With her faithful cat nearby to provide guidance, we see the creative process at work as Henrietta weaves her tale of adventure.

What’s so great about this story is that, while considered a TOON Level 3 – ages 5 and up – this is a book that works great for storytime for younger kids, too. I read this to my 3 year-old, and he loved it! The pictures are bright, simply rendered, and Henrietta’s drawings look like a kid really drew them. The storytelling is fun and in the first person, allowing any reader to insert himself or herself into Henrietta’s spot. This book is the perfect jumping-off point to get your own kids drawing and telling their own stories – it’s exactly what my little guy and I did when I was done reading this one to him.

Written and Drawn by Henrietta will be available on September 29 (but you can pre-order it now on Amazon), and it will be available in both Spanish and English! There will also be a teacher’s guide available. Check out some more of the artwork from Written & Drawn by Henrietta below.

henrietta_1 henrietta_2
henrietta_3 henrietta_4


henrietta_esp henrietta_esp_1


Author & Illustrator: Liniers
Publisher: TOON Books
Price: $12.95
On-Sale: September 29, 2015
English Edition ISBN: 978-1-935179-90-0
Spanish Edition ISBN: 978-1-935179-91-7

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