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Should Poison Ivy get her own title? Weigh in!


Do you love Poison Ivy? Not the stuff that makes you scratch, naturally; we’re talking about the Gotham villainess who has a deep-rooted relationship with our Mother Earth.

Should Poison Ivy get her own title? Weigh in!

Poison Ivy rose to popularity as a Batman bad gal, but her relationship with Harley Quinn, both on the Animated Series and most recently, in Harley’s book by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, really made her a fan favorite. The subtext between them is as delicious as it is hilarious. Ivy’s usually the straight gal to Harley’s wackiness, and the BFF love between them is the stuff that besties everywhere know, understand, and love. Plus, Ivy’s morally dubious turn in the New 52’s Birds of Prey was just freaking magic.

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Some folks out there are tired of Ivy being a featured player in everyone else’s story, though. The #PoisonIvyLeague is pushing to convince DC to give Ivy her own book. “With the push for diversity in titles and character representation, it makes sense that now, after appearing in over 800 issues, Pamela Isley be given the chance to headline her own book”, writes the League, and they’ve got a point. She’s clearly a popular character – popular enough to even be a featured character on that before-they-were-superheroes-and-villians show, Gotham. She’s on t-shirts, and let’s not even touch on the morass that is fanfic and fan art. She’s a fan favorite, and an Ivy book would give DC another female-focused title featuring an environmental warrior. And think of the fantastic cameos!

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According to the folks behind the campaign, the “#PoisonIvyLeague and is made up of a diverse group of men and women who all want the same thing: a smart, strong, fun, multi-layered anti-hero Poison Ivy led book with roots strongly planted (pun intended) in her radical environmentalist ideologies.” 


You can find more information about the campaign on Twitter by checking out the #PoisonIvyLeague and #DCYou hashtags.

So, you wanna see a stand-alone Ivy book? Talk to us and let us know!

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