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Poe Twisted! A unique horror anthology from Red Stylo Media


The Poe Twisted Anthology is “Fifteen original graphic works of humor and horror, inspired by the writings of Edgar Allen Poe”.

“Don’t call it adaptation.” editor Enrica Jang admonishes us in the introduction. “Adaptations are a retelling… POE TWISTED is something different. A challenge to a new crop of writers and artists to be inspired by Poe rather than simply retell him.” She is right, these are NOT rehashes of Poe, they are instead stories that stand on their own. I’m not a Poe scholar or expert, just a fan of many of his stories, so one or two of the entries were from works I hadn’t read. Or hadn’t read recently enough.

Six stories done by some great writers and artists, Jason Ciaramella (The Cape), Andre Frattino (Pineapple Press, The Reaper of St. George Street), Benjamin Frazier (Azteca), Kyle Richey (Azteca), Jason Strutz (Order of the Dagonet), Enrica Jang (Azteca, Poe Twisted Anthology, Shakespeare Shaken). Out of all the stories The Tell Tale Cat and Doctor Canne and Doctor Bulle were my favorites but all six were really well done. All the stories are eight to ten pages interspersed with paintings, illustrations, and mock movie ads. It’s fun, funny, and scary, a beautiful piece of work. It was published in August 2011 but somehow I never saw it, I only became aware of it after contacting Enrica Jang about her new project Shakespeare Shaken.

Shakespeare Shaken is the same idea, original comics and art this time inspired by The Bard. The collection is slated for August 15, 2012. The stories will be released individually online and then the collected in a trade paper back, for sale on Amazon, B&N and their webstore. Visit www.facebook.com/ShakespeareShaken and click the photos section to see the progress.

I’m ordering my copy of Poe Twisted from my local comic shop but you can order it from Amazon here. Can’t wait to see what Red Stylo Media comes out with next!

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