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Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! – Toy Fair 2016


Oh man. Just being at Toy Fair is always a treat. Seriously. Walking through the Jacob Javitz Center looking at booth after booth of toy after toy. But as most know several companies limit access to their stuff to the few. We were lucky to be included in that few today by Playmates. Playmates has put together an awesome line of TMNT toys for 2016. I took pictures. Way too many pictures!


First up “Talk to Me Mikey”!


This adorable interactive toy recognizes your voice and responds with a 100+ phrases. And they went to the trouble of actually getting Greg Cipes to voice it. From the talk in the booth he was exactly as cool and funny to work with on this project as you hope he would be.

_MG_2375a _MG_2374a



“T-Blasts”! Do you love Nerf guns? You are going to Flip out over T-Blasts. The first soft-projectile being made for the 2 and up set these guns use no stored energy like the Nerf style dart guns. Pull back on the bandanna and let go, the dart flies as far and as fast as you pull. Up to 40 feet! The gun molds look so cool too…



_MG_2426a _MG_2427a _MG_2428a

_MG_2429a _MG_2430a _MG_2431a

The line includes a Double Barrel, Cross Bow Blaster, and Quad-Blasters, the Quad-Blasters come with four Ninja Turtles character darts and the trigger mechanism advances the barrel while maintaining the pull-back and release for firing style. The darts have really well done character faces and are soft and pliable. I can guarantee that these will be on my son’s Christmas list.

Next we have the “T-Sprints” collection. T-Sprints are rev-up figures, simply get the fly-wheel spinning and let them go. They come in an assortment of single-packs with vehicles.

_MG_2399a _MG_2419a _MG_2398a

_MG_2413a _MG_2414a _MG_2416a

And in addition to the TMNT T-Sprints we also saw the “Nitro Sprints”, featuring WWE heroes and villains!




We brought home a T-Sprint as well, here’s a quick bit of it in action…

I did mention it was a quick bit right?

And of course there was the “T-Machines” collection and playsets, so many cool vehicles! Again this line includes TMNT and WWE characters.










We had a blast at Playmates this year, I hope this little peek at all they have to offer whets your appetite for the coming year.

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