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Philemon’s back with The Suspended Castle!


One of TOON’s most popular series is the Philemon series by Fred. Dreamer/slacker Philemon finds himself on an adventure in the Atlantic with each book; this time, he’s trying to return his friend Mr. Bartholomew back to the letter “A”, where he lives. What follows is a wild adventure where they will run across a beam of light, find themselves aboard the craziest ship ever, and possibly fulfilling a prophecy – maybe.

Philemon's back with The Suspended Castle!

Philemon is a wild series – it’s surrealism for all ages, with intense, bright colors and way out there concepts. It lets kids’ minds run free, because the only rule is that there are no rules. A passing familiarity with previous Philemon books is helpful, but not required to enjoy The Suspended Castle. Fred touches on the established story enough to give readers a foothold. If you enjoy your stories with no boundaries and your art colorful and vintage, give the Philemon books a shot. Art and English teachers should consider introducing their students to this series, and encourage them to draw and write creatively, with no restrictions.

There are some great extras that make this a solid classroom resource, too: there’s a beautifully detailed world map on the endpapers, and a callout shows everyone exactly where Mr. Bartholomew’s Letter A is situated. A Visual Glossary gives deeper explanations to concepts introduced in the book, like the Paris Metro, lighthouses, and castles in the air. Finally, Tips for Visual Readers and Discussion Topics help parents, teachers, librarians, and educators of all types support their readers. A downloadable Teacher’s Guide for 4th and 5th graders will be available closer to pub date.

The Suspended Castle is out on October 6th, but you can enjoy a sneak peek right here.

Writer & Artist: Fred
Publisher: TOON Books
Price: $16.95
On-Sale: October 6, 2015 (or pre-order it today at
ISBN: 9781935179-86-3

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