Peter Panzerfaust once again leaves me stunned, wanting more. ~ What'cha Reading?

Peter Panzerfaust once again leaves me stunned, wanting more.


This damn book did it again, it left me mouth hanging open, staring, blown away.


Like many of you I collect comics (yes really, everyone’s a comedian) so I have a pull list at my local shop (Royal Collectibles in Forest Hills) and I get a bunch of the same titles month after month. Why am I boring you with this seemingly obvious information? Because every month it gets a little harder to review new books. I’ve written about the titles I love, sometimes too often, and I need more and more time every week to read the stuff I enjoy and also find, read, and write about new and exciting stuff for you my gentle reader.

So this week I received a preview of Peter Panzerfaust #12 in my email. A ten page preview that was just the meat of the story, no cover art, no credits, just ten pages of pure story. I’ve written about this title before, but it’s been a while and you know what? It’s time to say it again. This book rocks.

After the brilliantly successful raid and the startling reveal of Hook’s Hunters in the last issue, Peter and the rest of the boys are holed planning their next move.

Even though morale is high some of the ragtag bunch are feeling their oats. John and Michael Darling (Wendy’s little brothers) have had enough of just sitting around. After trying to get some help from Felix they decide to show the others just how grown up they are. And as you’d expect their actions stir up a ton of trouble and start a chain of events that could have unimaginable consequences.

This issue pulled me in so well, it actually had me on the edge on my seat. And the cliff hanger ending was perfect. While there is a lot of back-story in this series I say pick this book up. Kurtis and Tyler consistently give us 5 star issues month after month. If you’re not reading this book you really need to start.

Here are some pages to whet your appetite for issue 12

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Peter Panzerfaust #12
Writer: Wiebe, Kurtis J.
Artist: Jenkins, Tyler
Cover Artist: Jenkins, Tyler
Price: $3.50
UPC: 70985301163701211
On Sale: July 10, 2013
Publisher: Image – Shadowline
Diamond Id: MAY130568

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