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Peter Bagge’s RESET from Dark Horse Comics


Reset – #1 of 4 Story and Art Peter Bagge

Guyt Krause a washed up celebrity, grudgingly sitting through traffic school gets a business proposition. No not that kind it’s a research project!

Seems a tech firm has designed a game, a game that lets you relive your life virtually. And they want him to test it. Sounds simple enough but the game is a little too real and Guy gets very freaked out by how much information these people seem to have collected on him. Why do they need him to do this so badly? Will he continue with the project? And just how much influence are they using on Guy’s life to keep him coming back?

This is an interesting book, witty and weird. Peter Bagge has a unique art style. It’s very reminiscent of his roots having broken into the business in R. Crumbs legendary magazine “Weirdo”. It’s a fun cartoony style that’s very easy on the eyes.

I don’t really know what to make of this book yet. It was a good read, but it will take another issue or two before I can say whether or not it’s a story I’ll want to follow. So do I pick up half of a mini series just to see if I like it? I don’t know yet, guess I’ll have to look at the synopsis’ for the next few issues.

A strong 3 out of 5. It hits comic shops this Wednesday 4/18, look for it at your local shop. Let me know what you thought of it.

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