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Persona Announcement: Plot Details Revealed!



Going in the same vein of my previous post, there are a couple new announcements involving Persona! Mainly, the plot of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, and a bit more about the plot of Persona 5. Though they appear to be keeping fairly tight-lipped about the latter, there are quite a few concepts they shared about it, as well as the main plot of Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

According to Gematsu, Persona 4: Dancing All Night takes place in the summer after the end of the Yasoinaba case that was the main premise of Persona 4. Team member and pop idol Rise Kujikawa ended up coming back to Inaba to continue her pop career, but there’s a hitch in that plan; going through the web is a website, accessible, of course, at midnight. It contains a music video that, when it’s played, transports the viewer to what is called “The Other Side”, or the Mayonaka Stage, and they’re never to be woken again. When Persona 4 protagonist Yu Narukami gets pulled into this strange legend, he and the rest of his team find out that the junior pop group of one of Rise’s fans is stuck in this other dimension. So he gets the rest of the Investigation Crew together to invade the Mayonaka Stage and save them.

To me, it sounds like a fun time. You’re able to play as Yu Narukami, of course, with the rest of the Investigation Crew in the game, potentially even being able to dance as them. The game promises to be very entertaining, if not only for the fun of being able to dance your way through over 30 songs as your favorite Persona 4 characters.

Meanwhile, Persona 5 is promising to be a great game already. According to Dengeki Playstation and Siliconera, the game will “send a strong message of catharsis” after you over come trials to free yourself from your shackles – tying into that theme of enslavement/liberation as teased in the trailer. In fact, all the characters will be restrained by something in modern times, and the game will be all about breaking free of those bonds.

Atlus reported to have said that the game is aimed to make the player experience the whole gamut of emotions, such as happiness to upset to elation when everything is said and done. It’s going to have a slightly different mood than the previous two entries into the Persona series, yet still “provide a feeling of reassurance” to old fans.

Both of these games sound fantastic in so many different ways. For me, what’s been announced for Persona 5 sounds exactly like what I was hoping for when I first saw the trailer – and just hearing about the elements that the plot will keep in play is making me even more excited.

What about you? What do you think, now that more information about these games have been released?

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