Penny Dreadful #1 Arrives May 11th ~ What'cha Reading?

Penny Dreadful #1 Arrives May 11th


You’ve seen the covers…

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We’ve shown you a few pages too, and now there’s another to add to the run…

 Penny Dreadful PennyDreadfulPreview (2)

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Ok so there really isn’t much new info here. But I don’t think we need to worry, the characters are legendary, the show totally rocks, and the art we’ve seen so far is beautiful. With that in mind I dove into the review copy we were sent. I haven’t watched Penny Dreadful since season 1, not for lack of wanting or trying to, so I was worried I’d be lost. I needn’t have worried Krysty Wilson-Cairns gives us a tight, fast-paced, gory, frightening story. Bringing The Master, Sir Malcom Murray, and a great surprising character together made this first issue a great book. Fan of the series? Buy it. Want a good horror/adventure book? Buy it.

I will be picking this one up. Will you?

Penny Dreadful gets 5 out of 5 stars. Great first issue!
Penny Dreadful #1
Writer: Krysty Wilson-Cairns
Artist: Louie De Matinis
Publisher: Titan Comics
FC – 32PP – $3.99 – On Sale: May 11

The hit TV series is presented in comics for the first time! This prequel reveals the terrifying events that led Vanessa to try and find her missing childhood friend, Mina Harker, and exposes the true nature of the vampiric monsters infesting Victorian London. Beautifully realized by Louie De Martinis, and written by the scriptwriters of the hit show!

Cover A: Guillem March
Cover B: Ben Templesmith
Cover C: Louie De Martinis
Cover D: Photo cover by Martin Stiff
Cover E: Photo cover by Cat Connery

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