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Peanuts #30 You’re a Comic Book, Charlie Brown


Peanuts #30 You're a Comic Book, Charlie BrownWhen Charles M. Schulz created The Peanuts as a simple comic strip sixty-six years ago neither he nor the general public could imagine how popular the strip would become and how it would transform into its own brand.  Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the gang still endure to this day as a favorite of young and old alike.  Aside from the new movie released back in October, The Peanuts grace the pages of a comic book series from Kaboom!  The newest issue is split into two stories, “Sewer or Later You’ll Love Me” and “Love & Marcie.”  The first story tells of the lengths Lucy goes to for love and the second tells of Marcy just not being able to get a straight answer from anybody.

Jason Cooper adapted the story from Charles M. Schulz himself and kept his legacy alive and well.  Each story was funny, heart-warming and good fun to read in classic Peanuts style.  There were one-liners, what we think Snoopy is saying, Schroeder’s music notes.  There was also an “AARGH!” and “Good Grief!” thrown in for good measure. Scott Jerald’s,  Katharine Efird’s and Donna Almendrala’s inks, colors and letters bring The Peanuts to life just as we remember them.  Charlie Brown once again wears his yellow shirt and Schroeder still plays his piano on key.

I’ve loved The Peanuts ever since I saw A Charlie Brown Christmas for the first time as a child.  Charlie Brown is the kid we or someone we know have felt like at some point in life and Snoopy is the dog we all wish we had as a pet.  I immediately jumped on the opportunity to review this issue because of the timelessness of the characters and how even sixty-years later we can still relate to them.  The comic is Peanuts in every sense of the word and I’m sure Charles M. Schulz is looking down proudly on how his work lives on.

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Peanuts #30

“Sewer or Later You’ll Love Me”
Story By Charles M. Schulz
Adapted By Jason Cooper
Pencils By Vicki Scott
Inks By Paige Braddock
Colors & Letters By Katharine Efird

“Love & Marcy”
Story By Charles M. Schulz
Adapted By Jason Cooper
Art By Scott Jeralds
Color By Katharine Efird
Letters By Donna Almendrala
Cover By Charles M. Schulz (Design and Color By Donna Almendrala)

24 Pages

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