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Papercutz 10th Anniversary Nancy Drew Poster is a Must Have!


When we were getting our lead up emails for BookCon and BEA this year Papercutz sent one announcing their Papercutz 10th Anniversary Nancy Drew Poster, I knew I was buying one Papercutz 10th Anniversary Nancy Drew Poster is a Must Have!immediately. I’m not a huge fan of many things but growing up with a very cool older sister made me a fan of Nancy Drew. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s was a great time for children’s literature, books didn’t seem to be as heavily categorized, you had your baby books, early readers, and your teen stuff, a book was a book as far as my parents were concerned and if you were reading they were happy. My sister loved Nancy Drew, she had the entire yellow spined hard cover collection. Those creepy covers and spooky titles intrigued me and definitely put me on the path to my love of mystery.

Now Papaercutz went and revived Nancy in comic book form and I’m able to bring my daughter that same spooky and fun experience and (hopefully) kindle that love of mystery (and reading.) Even just being a fan of the character would have tempted me to buy this print but it was even more enticing when they told us the print would be from a favorite artist of mine, Stephanie Buscema! Stephanie is a cover and pin-up artist extraordinaire, her mid-century feel and kitschy style sought after by Marvel, DC, IDW, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite as well as many other publishers. Her work has graced such books as Red Sonja, JLA, and Spider-Girl! I’ve bought prints from her at conventions ranging from Asbury Park Comic Con to Boston Comic Com, from the adorable Wonder Woman and Batgirl prints that adorn my daughter’s wall to the slightly more risqué ones in my office her work always maintains a sense of fun and beauty. This print is no different it really captures Nancy’s inquisitive and no-nonsense personality from the Rudy Nappi covers of the 60’s. I can’t think of an artist who could have captured her as well.

If you’d like to own a copy of this print hurry the run is limited to 250 copies and it’s been on sale for a few days. Click the link and head over to Papercutz to get yours.

To check out more of Stephanie’s work check out her site

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