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Pachuco Players Make The Best Family – Angel With A Bullet #3 NYCC’14 Reviews


Pachuco Players Make The Best Family - Angel With A Bullet #3 NYCC'14 Reviews It’s odd to review the 3rd book in a 4 part mini series but this one was just THAT good.
Red Stylo Media is well-known for publishing anthologies with a theme, Poe Twisted (stories inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe), Shakespeare Shaken (inspired by the works of William Shakespeare) , and most recently Killer Queen (inspired by the music of Queen). yolo-webAngel with a Bullet is in the same vein, a series of 4 one shots inspired by the music of Tom Waits. This was a bit problematic for me, see I don’t like his music. Now that’s not really fair, I can’t name two songs by Tom Waits. Why is this a problem? Well I wouldn’t want to review something that I have no context for. But I read them anyway, and issues one and two are good solid comics, issue three? Knocked me on my heels.

Titled “YOLO” and inspired by the song “Tango ’till They’re Sore” it’s the story of Arthur Beauchamp, the son of a funeral director, inheritor of the family business. Trapped by a father who needs him Arthur is a man whose passion lies not in caring for the dead but in entertaining the living. Artie longs to play jazz with the greats. The great Solomon King and his pachuco players to be exact. And after the untimely death of his father he’s going to get his chance. He travels to the “Club Jacks or Better” to meet with the legend in the business, intent on showing off his stuff, this could be the break he’s dreamed of. The question is will he do what it takes to make it?

yolo-web2 yolo-web3

This is a classic deal with the devil type story, with a a Twilight Zone worthy twist I just didn’t see coming. It works so well and this may sound silly but I read it twice. The art is hauntingly beautiful, with thick rich colors that come off dark and brooding. The pacing and flow are great as well. The whole package is definitely in tune with the bayou jazz theme of this book. I could hear the horns blowing and bass slappin’ New Orleans style all the way through.

Angel with A Bullet #3 of 4 “YOLO” gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Buy it and the rest of the series at Red Stylo Media or DriveThru Comics today!

Yolo – Angel with A Bullet #3
Author: Enrica Jang
Artist: Kelly Williams
Letters: Erica Schultz
Pages: 20
Publisher: Red Stylo Media

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