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Oz: No Place Like Home


Oz: No Place Like Home

OZ-NPLH01We’re not in Kansas anymore…or at least not the Kansas we thought we knew.  Zenescope takes us into the world of Dorothy Gale and a darker Oz.  Oz is being torn apart by war as Glinda and the people of Oz fight the powers of witches and Warlord, a metallic soldier of the dark forces who brings death wherever he goes.  In Kansas, there is a traveling circus and the acts are all creatures of Oz including flying monkeys, munchkins and the Scarecrow among others.  Dorothy and her friends are enjoying the show and a night out when it is interrupted by the Tin Man who is actually Nicholas Chopper, a man who was cursed by the evil witch Lynessa.  Warlord makes him a deal that if he kills Dorothy and brings back her blood, he will be human again.  The Tin man arrives in Oz for Dorothy only to encounter a man named Smitty who has a special connection to Oz and Dorothy.

OZ-NPLH02Jeff and Kristin Massey have written quite a story.  It’s a wild, yet fresh, look at Oz post-Wizard and it’s enjoyable.  Dorothy isn’t the wholesome, innocent country bumpkin anymore that we’re so used to seeing.  She carries a Scepter which she used to defeat evil forces during one of her many return trips to Oz.  She has friends and can shoot a rifle very well.  The new Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow were great to read about.  They have backstories and Lion and Scarecrow are active in the fight for Oz’s freedom.  The Tin Man is evil but not by choice.  He just wants to be human and in love.  Toto was cute as a Cairn terrier but he is really cool as a white wolf.  David Lorenzo Riveiro’s art and Hedwin Zaldivar’s colors have made these characters fierce and sexy in a way only Zenescope can.

OZ-NPLH03Zenescope never ceases to amaze me.  Each issue of every title is better than the last.  The team has quite the set of imaginations and the talent to take what they imagine and put it on paper in such a bold and exciting way.  It’s a new take on old classics for a new generation.  If you haven’t read a Zenescope comic yet, this is a great place to start and you won’t regret it.  Ever since I reviewed “Guardians” I was hooked and have been reading and reviewing Zenescope ever since.

Written by Jeff and Kristin Massey

Artwork by David Lorenzo Riveiro

Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar

48 pages


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