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OYO Sports Scores At Toy Fair


As I was making my way through Toy Fair in New York City this past weekend, I noticed a familiar toy, little mini figures in sports uniforms, being displayed in one of the booths.  Being a huge sports fan, I have seen these toys before but did not know their specific name or the company who made them.  I discovered the toys are made by a company called OYO Sports.  I was shown around by Andrew who knew his stuff.  He showed me all of the new products that are out now or are coming out this year.  I always knew about the mini figures but was excited to see that entire fields, rinks and even locker room areas are on their way to the retail market.

100_5052These sets were highly detailed featuring exact team-specific logos and graphics.  For hockey fans, the rinks came with the team logo at center ice and Andrew said they come with advertisement stickers that go around the boards and scuff mark graphics to make it look like a real game.  There is even a small backyard hockey set that is also team-specific.  There is a mini figure line representing Hockey Hall-of-Famers such as Gordie Howe and Bobby Orr.  I was impressed to see the Bobby Orr figure is in a diving pose to recreate the famous photo of the real-life player.  There are plenty of mystery figure sets ranging from the Winter Classic to contemporary superstars to mascots.  There is even a Zamboni set due out this year with team-specific graphics and colors.

100_5053OYO Sports’s football line is a must for fans of both college and pro teams.  There are sets ranging from whole football fields to endzones to the locker room press conference area.  Andrew explained that the locker room press conference board and the endzone set come with stickers for every team and the locker room set can have either playbook graphics or a press conference backdrop.  For the hardcore college fan, the Boise State Broncos set has the famous blue field.  The best football-related set is the trainer cart which will make playing with these toys even more realistic because now, you’re players can be “injured”.  There is even a Super Bowl MVP line of mini figures that is being produced as rights are acquired.  Andrew told me an interesting fact that under the football set is a green base that stabilizes the field so it can be easily transported without falling apart.


While New York City was frozen solid during the show, seeing the baseball displays gave me warm thoughts of the spring and summer seasons that are on their way.  There was a beautiful New York Mets vs. Kansas City Royals World Series baseball field set on display and a World Series Champions line of figures featuring players from the Royals.  There are individual players and whole field sets for all 30 Major League Baseball teams.  There is even a bullpen cart set for added fun. The packaging has changed so there will no longer be a window to see the figure.  The box will be closed and will require the figure’s body to be built.

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OYO Sports is a great company and I had a great time looking at their products.  Andrew was a great host and talked about everything in detail.  Whether you sports, building sets or both, these are great products to have.  They are true to the sport and care for all of the smallest details.  I will surely be buying a set or two in the near future.  Thank you Andrew for everything, including my own little Jacoby Ellsbury.  For more information on OYO Sports and their products, visit www.oyosports.com.

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