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Oxymoron – Red Ten’s Villain Gets His Own Title, Too!


Oxymoron spins off from Comix Tribe’s The Red Ten. He’s a supervillain, obsessed by contradictions, and he’s completely insane – think Joker, with more bloodlust and slightly more self-control. Yeah, you got it.


Oxymoron’s #1 issue gives us three different short stories that have nothing to do with The Red Ten – two members of the super-team show up in one story, but they’re completely incidental in this. These are Oxy’s stories, and don’t you forget it. The stories help give us a better handle on the villain who will be starring in – and possibly taking out – the heroes in The Red Ten, so it’s nice to have these titles side by side, filling in any blanks that may come up in terms of who this guy is and what motivates him.

“Passive Aggressive”, written by Jason Ciaramella and drawn by Joe Mulvey, shows us an interesting side of Oxymoron – he doesn’t just go after heroes. In fact, he doesn’t seem to discriminate at all. If  you present a contradiction to him, he’s coming after you.

John Lees’ “Selfless Man”, drawn by Tyler James, was a rough read – the blood, I can deal with. The story itself hit a nerve – it unsettled me; hit me on a visceral level. I reacted to it like I do news stories where you just can’t wrap your head around why things happen. It’s a great, powerful story that will likely mess you up for a while. It’s okay. It’s supposed to.

Finally, “Nearly Perfect”, by Yannick Morin and drawn by Alex McCormack, is the goriest of the trio. Beauty queens aren’t always that pretty on the inside – and Oxy just loves to get to the heart of a contradiction. No matter how much he has to dig. I’ll leave it at that.

Check out Oxymoron for a good, creep-tastic look at a truly disturbing supervillain. It’s available on Comixology Submit on Wednesday, August 21st.

Link goes live Wednesday! Link

Oxymoron #1
Art by: Joe Mulvey
Written by: John Lees
Written by: Yannick Morin
Art by: Alex Cormack
Art by: Tyler James
Colored by: Vasco Sobral
Written by: Jason Ciaramella

Four…yes, four little piggies run the Swanstown criminal underground. That is, until Oxymoron comes to town. Features: “Passive Aggressive” written by Jason Ciaramella (The Cape), Art by Joe Mulvey (SCAM), “Selfless Man” written by John Lees (The Standard), Art by Tyler James (The Red Ten), and “Nearly Perfect” written by Yannick Morin (Cuddlers), Art by Alex Cormack (Chikara).

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