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Oxymoron is Back in The Loveliest Nightmare – Get Yours At NYCC 2014!


“The first thing I need to make clear to you is that you are not in control…”

Red Ten fans, where are you? You’d best be in New York next week, because Oxymoron is making his return in The Loveliest Nightmare. The mini-series will be out next year, but Tyler James and the good folks at ComixTribe will be front and center in the small press area, and giving away an exclusive 28-page issue of The Loveliest Nightmare.

Oxymoron is Back in The Loveliest Nightmare - Get Yours At NYCC 2014!

Look at this glorious sonofagun, flying through the air. He knows he’s got us waiting, frothing at the mouth, turning the page to see what awful things he’s done. So here we go.

Mary, a detective with a degenerative condition, ends up on the wrong side of Oxymoron’s obsession with contradiction. We don’t know why (yet), and we don’t know how she manages to survive the experience, but her partner doesn’t make it out. Flash-forward six months; Mary’s busted down to a uniform and given a brand-new partner. But things aren’t over for Mary yet – it looks like things are about to get bloody again, and a voice on the phone tells Mary the same chilling sentence she’s only heard once before…

I got a chance to read the sneak peek, and GUYS. You NEED this comic in your life. You haven’t read The Red Ten? Honestly, it doesn’t matter – the beauty of Oxymoron is that he’s a psycho serial killer, and while it’s great to have a frame of reference with his other stories, The Loveliest Nightmare doesn’t demand that of you. It only invites you into Oxy’s world, to scare the bejesus out of you.

Tyler James and John Lees pace the script like a taut crime fiction. You’re going to have a cop vs. killer story, and with a villain like Oxymoron, there’s nothing shallow about it. Contradiction is his thing, so trust and believe there is more to his cat-and-mouse with Mary than meets the eye. If you’re a crooked politician? Well… he’s coming for you, too. Oxy’s an equal-opportunity psychopath. Think of Se7en, and you’ll have an idea of where the book looks like it could go.

Alex McCormack’s art is stark black-and-white. The contrast of Oxy’s white suit is almost glaring as it pops off the black background. The occasional red coloring, be it for Oxy’s smile or emphasis on a word balloon, is almost shocking, delivering the necessary punch to the scene.

Bottom line – it’s a long wait for Oxymoron to come back to us. Get your limited edition preview at New York Comic Con next week, and ease the pain. You need this book in your arsenal.

Take a look at some of this artwork, if you don’t believe me.

Oxymoron_TLN_01_original Oxymoron_TLN_05_original Oxymoron_TLN_06_original

Check out the trailer ComixTribe posted on youtube:

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