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Over The Garden Wall Returns! Sort of…


Over The Garden Wall Returns! Sort of...The LA Times Hero Complex shared an exclusive interview Monday (May 13th) with Over The Garden Wall creator Pat McHale in which they talked all about the four part mini-series coming this August.

Cartoon Network’s first original animated series “Over the Garden Wall” ran for 10-episodes this past November and KaBoom (the all-ages imprint of Boom Studios) published a one-shot companion comic (which we loved!) written by McHale with art by Jim Campbell. It served as sort of a mini-episode, complete in story but fitting between episodes 2 and 3. This summer (August 26th) they’re teaming up to do it again.

The new four-part miniseries will also be comprised of stories that fit between episodes, most of which Jim tells Hero Complex existed from the very beginning,

“They’re all versions of stories that existed when we were structuring the show. The show ended up being 10 episodes, but we had a few more stories that didn’t make it into the show. These are some of those kinds of things. When we made the show, we tried to put everything we could into it, so these stories have sort of changed and been reworked so that they work in the context of what the show ended up being.” – LA Times Hero Complex May 13, 2015

I’ll admit that was a relief, having watched, and really dug, the series I was not happy with the idea that they’d be taking on more story. This 10-episode run was a complete story, start to finish, and doesn’t need a new chapter.

So what about the fact that the story is all resolved and those who’ve seen it know how it all winds up. McHale commented on that as well,

“I think that’s part of what’s interesting about writing it. I don’t know if most people who read it will have seen the series, but I’m sort of assuming a lot of people who are reading the comics will have, so there are certain things we can kind of give away earlier…But also I think they should be able to stand alone if you haven’t seen the show. We’re trying to do it so that you can still know who the characters are and follow [the story] just if you pick [the comic] up. With the show we tried to do that too. Even though it was a continuing story, each episode stood alone as its own little tale.”- LA Times Hero Complex May 13, 2015

I’m looking forward to it, McHale proved he can write an entertaining comic with the one-shot if he can bring the same wit, atmosphere, and creepiness factor it’s bound to be a hit.

To check out the rest of Tracy Brown’s interview with Pat McHale (and I woud, it’s a good piece) click on over to Hero Complex!

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