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Our Look at the DST Femme Fatales Supergirl!


Photography by Steven Biscotti

During our time at New York Comic Con this month, one of our must visit booths was that of Diamond Select Toys.  We’ve long admired the collectibles they’ve produced and it’s hard not to see just how great their current lineup of Batman: The Animated Series and classic DC animated series products are.  A few months ago we got our hands on the Supergirl from Superman: The Animated Series PVC statue, the second in their DC Femme Fatales line.  For myself, being a Superman fan and with the Bruce Timm follow-up series to Batman being my favorite, getting DST’s Supergirl statue was essential.  It was only natural that while at NYCC 2015, I sought out the DST’s San Diego Comic Con Supergirl from Justice League Unlimited on sale at Action Figure Xpress.  A variant to Supergirl from Superman Animated, the Supergirl from Justice League Unlimited is not all that different, but still a must have collectible made by Diamond Select Toys.


L to R: Supergirl from JLU and Supergirl from Superman Animated.

If you look at both Supergirl PVC statues, you’ll notice that there is virtually no difference in the two.  With the exception of the paint, Supergirl from Superman Animated and Justice League Unlimited contain no difference.  However, Diamond Select Toys have presented fans with the option of owning one or both of their Femme Fatales Supergirl statues.  They are both lovingly rendered and faithful to their cartoon counterparts.


20151020_091129The Supergirl from Justice League Unlimited has an impressively clean paint application.  There are no traces of bleeding and the colors are neatly contained to the areas that they belong.  The Bruce Timm animation style is known for its Kirby like shapes and simplistic design and the Steve Varner Studios have lovingly re-created that appeal within the Supergirl PVC statue.  There’s a lot of charm in the aesthetics of the Femme Fatales offering of Supergirl, both in the variant and regular pieces.  Whether or not you’re a fan of the animated series, there are many features of this statue that make it an irresistible statue to own.


The base of the Supergirl statue has been repainted and with the JLU variant, it actually looks prettier than the previous one.  This base has been painted to appear almost as if Supergirl is soaring above the clouds and works very well with the overall statue.  The previous base was presented as if Supergirl was flying above a mountain range and lake.  While it works, the cloud base seems much more fitting and organic to the overall Supergirl PVC.

Diamond Select Toys have a real winner on their hands with their Femme Fatales line of statues incorporating characters from the DC animated series.  After the success of DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series line, it’s great to see DST’s approach to such iconic and distinctive characters.  Their statues are all reasonably priced and while they are considerably lower than other statues on the market, it does not feel that quality is being sacrificed.  The Supergirl Justice Legaue Unlimited PVC statue is perfect for collectors and fans of all ages and is available now.

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To see what we had to say on the Femme Fatales Supergirl from Superman: The Animated Series PVC statue, you could find that link here.  Many of Diamond Select Toys collectibles could be directly purchased through their site and you could find the link to Supergirl here.

Tonight is also the premiere of CBS’ Supergirl.  We’ve seen the pilot (loved it) at an advance screening and that review could be found here.

Are you a fan of Supergirl?  Have you collected the Diamond Select Toys collectibles based on DC characters?  Let us know in the comments below.



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