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Our Friend Satan?


kickstarterimagefornewsarticleI was contacted about a Kickstarter recently and I was so distracted by other things I almost missed it. Check out the pitch…

“Our Friend Satan is a rip roaring story about Satan suffering from a midlife crisis. He spends his nights strolling around Hell in a bathrobe and drowns his sorrows in Cthulhu Vodka. He’d love to be evil like in the old days, but he has serious troubles meeting the expectations of modern people. He’s simply not bad enough for them.”

I wasn’t sold when I first read the synopsis, it just seemed like it could get too corny. Like making a Satan sitcom. You know what would make a story like this work? Really great visuals…

Our friend Satan? 02
03 04

Michael Murawski (pencils) and Lukas Lalko (colors, inks) turn in gorgeous work, the art carries a great horror aesthetic. And when you see the characterizations of the Pope, the Satanists, the whole book really plays well. This is a project worth checking out. Still not sure? I’ll let you in on a little secret, the next page of the preview has quite a reveal. I know you want to see more. Go to the kickstarter page and click the link for the preview!

Interesting side note, the graphic novel will be translated into English and Polish, there’s even a Polish translation of the Kickstarter. Here’s a link to the Polish version.


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