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Other Space – Binge Worthy? Or Cringe Worthy?


Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Yahoo Screen there are a ton of streaming services out there and most of them offer a whole season at once for your viewing pleasure, which of course leads to the binge watch. Now I do binge watch, often, but I’m still not too sure I like the idea. When 5 or 10 seasons of a show are available, like X-Files or Daredevil on Netflix, it makes perfect sense but for a new show? Like the first season of a new show? I wonder how those shows will maintain their buzz until the next season if all the serious fans watch the season in a week. All that is a topic for another article, this is a review so let’s get on with it.

Other Space - Binge Worthy? Or Cringe Worthy?


“When their ship is drawn into a different universe, Captain Stewart Lipinski and crew must to learn to work together while dealing with space clouds, robot rebellions, and the occasional alien attack.”

This show initially attracted me for two reasons, first it’s a sci-fi comedy, which is pretty rare these days (at least to my knowledge.) Other Space is definitely a sci-fi comedy, the plot is after all a spin on Star Trek Voyager, using separate universes instead of just being really really far away, but how does it hold up?

Pretty darn good. The jargon is jargony without being too ridiculous, except when ridiculous is called for of course. The science is there when necessary but the plots don’t get too bogged down in it, this is much more centered on personal interactions and the absurdities of the crew dynamic (I’m sure the message boards are on fire with arguments about the validity of the science used on the show (because hey that’s what the internet is for right?) The effects are decent, better than I originally expected and sets are on par for a show that’s more comedy than hard sci-fi. The dialogue? Very Community-ish? Arrested Development-ary? The whole feel of the show becomes much more apparent when you realize the Producer/Director Paul Feig, who most often is associated with the film Bridesmaids, has a long history with shows such as Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Developement, and The Office.

OtherSpace2(Joel)The second reason is the casting of Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu as Zallion Fletcher, the slightly damaged ships engineer and A.R.T. his robot pal, respectively. I’ve followed all the MST3K doings since the show ended but never really latched on to any of the new projects so it was a pleasure to see them working together again.

OtherSpace6(A.R.T.)Every other cast member was new to me, except for Milana Vayntrub, who plays the ships navigator Tina Shushkin, she has been in a series of Verizon Wireless commercials that always seem to catch my eye. All the rest are either excellent actors or have actually had the parts written for them, each making their characters believable. The captain and first officer’s brother/sister feud, the navigator’s obsessive pining for her boyfriend back at home, the alien like science officer’s inability to understand social norms, the sassy and adorable ships computer and her quest for free will, no matter how absurd you completely buy what they’re selling.

I burned through the first 6 episodes in a day or so, and have actually watched some of it again. The advertising isn’t overly intrusive for a free streaming service, average of 2 breaks per episode, but they could use a little help in when those breaks occur.

So here’s the deal. If you’re looking for a funny, not too sci-fi, sci-fi show, with some excellent casting choices and a watch when you want model, Other Space should definitely be on your long-range scanner.

I give this series a 4 out of 5. Definitely binge it, you’ll be glad you did.

You can watch Other Space (and other Yahoo! Originals) at Yahoo Screen/Other Space


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