Oni's Princess Ugg teaches The Princess Academy a few lessons this June ~ What'cha Reading?

Oni’s Princess Ugg teaches The Princess Academy a few lessons this June


Okay, Girl Talk: you liked the Disney princesses when you were a kid. C’mon. It’s okay, you can admit it. But you also really wanted to be Valeria the first time you saw Conan, didn’t you? And Xena? Warrior Princess? You were totally down with that.

I get you. And that’s why I’m telling you to check out Oni Press’ Princess Ugg.

Oni's Princess Ugg teaches The Princess Academy a few lessons this June

Princess Ugg is Ülga of Grimmeria, a barbarian princess who loves her weapons and her wooly mammoth. She decides to attend the Princess Academy at Atraesca on a promise to her warrior mother – to her father’s chagrin – and finds herself amidst the Mean Girl princesses – particularly her new roommate, Lady Julifer, Princess of Atraesca. Who Ülga may have been responsible for pushing into a pile of dung earlier. Princess school is going to be one heck of a ride.

I thoroughly enjoyed Princess Ugg. It’s not an all-ages book, but a tween – maybe about 12 or 13 – can definitely sit down with this one. After all, our teen years is really when we start looking back at the whole princess thing and snickering, right? The writing and the fantasy cartoon art make this a fun book to sprawl on the couch and read. I’m looking forward to seeing what more writer and artist Ted Naifeh has in store for Ugg and the princesses from the five realms. 4 out of 5 woolly mammoths!

Writer: Ted Naifeh
Artist: Ted Naifeh
Publisher: Oni Press
Price $3.99
On Sale: June 4, 2014
Diamond ID: APR14 1284

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