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Oni Press Scorches the Earth with BLACK METAL 3 and HELHEIM: THE WITCH WAR TPB


Press Release Oni Press (Oct 31, 2013)


A woefully unprepared world quakes in glee and terror, awaiting the arrival of their new demonic masters

PARTS UNKNOWN (October 31st, 2013) – Dictated, but not read.

“Evil ones! Hear my call! We gather here this night, beneath dark clouds. A fellowship of the damned, a cabal of ravenous beasts, slick with hate, bathed in innocent blood.

The heavy fog of our combined evil has enshrouded us from the anointed so that we may surround this accursed altar, far from the light.

Let us join our charred visages, raise our vile sigils, and speak the forbidden tongues, so that we may pierce the inter-dimensional veil and our dark masters may hear our cries!

HELHEIM VOLUME 1: THE WITCH WAR, bring your ghastly visage forth! Fly low on battered black wings, so that your heavy blades may reach the necks of thine enemies with gruesome precision!

BLACK METAL VOLUME 3, may the thunderous clacking of your cloven hooves strike a paralyzing fear into the hearts of the holy, spelling their doom across the stars!

This most unholy of days, let us join together in shared annihilation and pronounce MARCH 2014 “ONI PRESS’ METAL MARCH”, the chiming of man’s final hour! At this time, darkness shall cover the scorched Earth as Oni Press surveys the screaming land astride these twin beasts of the Stygian apocalypse!”


Written by Rick Spears
Art by Chuck BB

So metal it should be bound in ununhexium! Comics’ most unholy epic trilogy comes to a thunderous close as brothers Sam and Shawn Stronghand defeat death to summon a force more evil than the Prince of Darkness himself!




Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Joëlle Jones
Colors by Nick Filardi
Letters by Ed Brisson

The Viking warrior Rikard is many things, but unstoppable and undead are chief among them. Witness the mortal carnage as he bludgeons his way to solace through the grotesque armies of two warring witches in this collection of HELHEIM’s first six-issue series!

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