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Omaha Beach on D-Day: A graphic look at the landing.


As much of a character exploration of famed photographer Robert Capa as an exploration of an iconic moment in history – the Allied landing on Normandy Beach during World War II – Omaha Beach on D-Day’s focal point is the famous photograph, taken by Capa, of a soldier landing on the beach.

Omaha Beach on D-Day: A graphic look at the landing.

There’s so much research in this book – authors Jean-David Morvan and Séverine Tréfouël gathered interviews, testimonials, contact sheets, and over pages of photographic archives to provide a breathtaking look into history. Artist Dominique Bertail creates a stunning, stark look into the landing.

Told through Capa’s eyes,  we follow him from the time he gets the call – the operation’s level of secrecy demanded that the invited correspondents be ready at a moment’s and that they maintain complete silence, not even telling friends or family that they were leaving – through the D-Day landing. We learn the origin behind the fuzzy photos (it wasn’t just capturing movement) and the history behind the identity of the soldier immortalized by Capa’s lens. We see in Capa a man who loved his work; who loved being behind that lens and in the middle of the action.

Omaha Beach on D-Day is a perfect companion to any World War II history book and belongs in history buffs’ libraries.






Omaha Beach on D-Day
Authors: Jean-David Morvan, Séverine Tréfouël
Artist: Dominique Bertail
Publisher: :01 First Second
Price: $24.99
On-Sale: October 20, 2015
ISBN: 9781626722835

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