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Constantine Panel Hints at What’s To Come – NYCC’14


Those of us in the Empire Stage on Saturday night of NYCC (yes, even those of us parked for the screening of Doctor Who’s “Mummy on the Orient Express”) got a bit of a treat after the Constantine screening. There was a mini-panel with executive producer David Goyer and stars Matt Ryan (Constantine) and Angelica Celaya (Zed) which was only about fifteen minutes long from start to finish, but gave fans a sneak peek for what’s ahead this season.

Constantine Panel Hints at What's To Come NYCC'14I’m a total newbie to the show, but older fans of Constantine will be relieved to hear that they’re not going to blunt his character for network television. Goyer loves Constantine because he is a “bastard,” (his choice of word) and they’re going to portray him as faithfully as they can, right down to the bad language and cigarette, although they’ll be sly about the latter as he can’t be smoking on TV. Matt Ryan appeared to take it as a personal challenge to get the cigarettes onscreen in as many ways as he can.


When asked about characters from the comics who will be making appearances as the season progresses, Goyer said that fans will get to see Nergal, Papa Midnite, and Jim Corrigan. And we will get to hear Lucifer as well. There’s a tease for another character in the pilot, but I’m not going to spoil that for you. And yes, Matt Ryan has read the comics and counts the “Dangerous Habits” arc as one of his favorites.


Finally, they talked about the casting process for Constantine. Apparently Goyer wanted Ryan from the start but had to convince the network execs of it because when Ryan made his audition video, he had a thick beard for a play he was in. Goyer admitted to submarining other auditions until Ryan was finished with the play and could shave his beard. Only then were the execs convinced that he was the right man for the trench coat. (For the record, many of the ladies in the audience were much more easily convinced and were fangirling out from the time the panel started.)


And that was basically it. Short, sweet, and left everyone in the room wanting more since there wasn’t even a Q&A afterwards. Can’t wait to see what the season has in store for us!

Constantine premiers October 24, 2014 at 10pm on NBC. As always check your local listings for time and station.


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