NYCC'14: Lemire takes aim at Marvel's Hawkeye...What's next? ~ What'cha Reading?

NYCC’14: Lemire takes aim at Marvel’s Hawkeye…What’s next?


NYCC’14: Lemire takes aim at Marvel’s Hawkeye…What’s next? Robin Hood Ongoing? Shaft? Arsenal One-shot?

NYCC'14: Lemire takes aim at Marvel's Hawkeye...What's next?

Lemire picks up the bow once again, but this time…’s purple. You heard right ladies and gentlemen, announced at NYCC’14, the writer behind the best Green Arrow run in decades, possibly ever (#17-35, with an amazing assist from the incomparable Andrea Sorrentino on art… and that’s exactly what it was… ART!) is jumping archetypes to take on the writing duties of Marvel ‘s Avenging Archer, Hawkeye.

Now this is big for me. I was a Hawkeye fan since childhood. A true fan. Before it was cool. Before Avengers the Movie. Before Jeremy Renner. Before sunglasses and spyhood. Way back. Like buying Solo Avengers/ West Coast Avengers on the stands kinda fan. Great Lakes Avengers and Thunderbolts and the mini series with the wolf boy and one shot with Taskmaster and Nicieza’s run type of fan. This type of Hawkeye fan:

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And you know what?

So was Jeff Lemire

So needless to say, I’m frakking thrilled.

With Matt Fraction and David Aja’s run winding up, and Lemire a new free agent it was only coincidence that Lemire ended up with the writing gig on Green Arrow’s Marvelous counterpart. He assures us he doesn’t have a “thing” for archers, nor any special interests in archery at all. In interviews he states the vast differences between the characters; the billionaire, uppercrust, boarding school  upbringing of Oliver Queen and the orphaned, abusive foster, petty crime carny life of Clint Barton. He compares the fact that both use bow and arrows as  to write 2 different characters who both happen to fly.

Oliver_Queen_004 clint-barton-likes-his-coffee-black

I was a fan of Fraction and Aja’s run from issue #1, but I’m glad to see new blood come in like Lemire. Fractions run started to suffer a bit, with delays, mid-arc fill-ins, more delays, but still maintain its edge. Instead of dying a slow death the title gets a re-invigorating from one of the top talents in the field. Hawkeye deserves that.

Lemire has stated that he enjoyed Fraction’s writing style, but doesn’t want to try and imitate it, so he’s going to find his own voice on the book. Ramon Perez, the artist joining him in this endeavor agrees. Perez does not want to imitate Aja either, and rather bring his own storytelling style to Hawkeye.

And what a style it is. He’s got that clean lined Marcos Martin look, and from the pages he’s been doing in Spiderman: Learning to Crawl, he’s got the dynamism and range to cover the Avenging Archer’s misadventures. From quiet interpersonal scenes, to big bombastic panel arrangements, Perez has it down. Take a look:

Amazing_Spider-Man_1.1_Preview_1 Amazing_Spider-Man_1.1_Preview_2                              AMS-3

This creative team is destined to bring this book to the next level, pushing Hawkeye past those posers known as the “Big Three” in the hierarchy of Avengers coolness and redefine what it means to be on the “B” list.

Like Hawkeye with any target in sight,  Do not miss this book!

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