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NYCC the products – Zoo Tales – Ben KaChoo Sink or Swim

“Zoo Tales is a collection of engaging animals that make silly sounds and take readers on an adventure of friendship building and world exploration!” – From the site

This is the second time I’ve run into Angela Larson’s table at comic con. Last year my then 5 year old wouldn’t slow down long enough for me to really get a handle on what she showing. This year was different, Rebecca got sucked in by the little burping mouse toy which gave me time to talk with Angela and decide on Ben KaChoo Sink or Swim as the one I wanted to take look at.

So what have we got? A thirty-two page book, stickers and a 10 inch stuffed animal that makes seven different sneezing sounds including an excuse me. I don’t know about you but here in my house, with a six year old and a two year old? That is a win! Now let’s hope the story lives up to the promise of the package.

I had the premise (Ben has allergies, sneezes a lot) but didn’t really know much more about the story than that. So imagine my surprise when it turned out to be this really sweet tale of Ben making friends with a crocodile who lives in the same swamp. And how something as embarrassing as giant sneezes can really bring to people closer together.

The characters are engaging, the story is sweet and the illustrations are adorable. We really enjoyed it and I can see it becoming one of the books my daughter will read to her little brother often.

They’ve won a bunch of awards and I can see why.

The series consists of Norman the PhartEphant (not joking), Harry Hiccers (a Koala), and Ben. The books alone are available for $4.95 a piece, the plush toys sell separately for $14.95, sets are $20.

You can also find the stories on the MeeGenius Children’s Books app, available for Android and Iphone, for between 1.99 and 2.99. And on the Comics Plus app for ninety-nine cents a book! Still not sure? Go to the Comics Plus page via this link. Norman, and read Norman PhartEphant #1 for free!

Something interesting I found on the Fierce Fun Toys website was their kids club which offers, for $4.95 a year , access to downloadable pdf’s of all their stories as well as coloring pages, connect the dots and more. Personally I love to own books but the kids club or one of the app stores seem like a good way to check out the content and decide before investing a lot of money.

Go to the site, go friend them on facebook, or follow them on twitter @FierceFunToys.

Don’t forget to ask for the books and toys at your local boutique toy store!

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