NYCC the interviews #6 - First Law of Mad Science ~ What'cha Reading?

NYCC the interviews #6 – First Law of Mad Science


This convention has been amazing. Artists’ Alley was full of great stories, people pitching their projects, networking, having a great time. The perfect environment to interview people!
When I met Mike and Oliver at NYCC last year (was it only a year ago?) they were selling an almost completed comic for a dollar. Along with the purchase they took your email and promised the finished art in pdf as soon as it was ready. They were as good as their word. The pdf came, the book was good. I never really thought about it again.

This year I find them at the Kickstarter table, with for issues under their belts looking like total pros!

After Comic Con I picked up issue one again, the full completed issue one, and set myself down to read it. This book rocks, the story is intricate and well laid out. The characters are interesting. The plot moves well. If the next three issues can keep this up I’ll be seriously impressed.

I plan on doing a full four issue review as soon as I finish reading them but until then make do with the awesome interview up there and click on over to They’ve got an eight page preview there to get you hooked.

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