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NYCC 2014 – Tabletop Gaming, Cosplay, and Toys!


NYCC 2014 - Tabletop Gaming, Cosplay, and Toys!

From the minute I saw Smaug welcoming me to the exhibitor floor, I knew I was home. The Weta booth was amazing, featuring some beautiful Tolkien model work.

The cosplayers brought it this year – there were many Groots, of all sizes. The usual plethora of Deadpools and Harley Quinns roamed the floor. Arrows kept a watch for anyone failing the city. Doctors and Tardises (Tardii? Tardium?) abounded. Our own Julie got into the act, cosplaying the Twelfth Doctor.

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Since I have an 11-year-old, I spent some time in the gaming section. After he cleared out my wallet in one of the tabletop booths (he really needs to stop watching Wil Wheaton’s TableTop show), we hit Bandai and Capcom’s pavilions, where he tested some great mobile game apps, like his current favorite, Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney, and discovered a new one, Cine-Magic, due out in November.

Models and toys abound at NYCC, and this year gives us new Walking Dead McFarlane models, and amazing buildable sets from MegaBlocks, including their Call of Duty sets, Assassin’s Creed, and Halo.

2014-10-12 11.58.04  2014-10-12 11.47.41  2014-10-12 11.57.40

2014-10-12 11.47.27

Other stuff I saw:

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Did you know that there is smartphone underwear? Now you do.

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DMC, Voltron, and Sharknado – it’s like a new holy trilogy.

2014-10-11 11.44.51  2014-10-11 10.58.41  2014-10-11 13.10.59

Trolls, Hawkeye, and newsflash: Jesus hates Zombies. True story.

Advice for everyday living:

2014-10-11 16.13.29

And then, this.

2014-10-09 11.40.28

What’cha Reading Staff Writers Julie, Rosemary, and Nancy hanging in the Press Lounge.

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