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NYCC 2014 – All The Pretty Cosplays


One of the high points of Geek Prom, A.K.A. New York Comic Con, are all the amazing costumes. A friend pointed out that it seems many of the people come just to dress up. Like a prelude to Halloween. So here are a bunch of the ones that caught Julie and my eye when we were walking the convention floor.

How many do you recognize?

bumblebee gamora

violin deadpool scarlet witch

all things johnny depp daenarys

doc ock gender bend saga

labyrinth lady loki

lying peggy cap red skull

prince robot

Even What’cha Reading’s own Julie and our Geek Girl Sister from Dipped in Cream, Frenchie got into the act this year:

julie and frenchie

Never underestimate the amount of work it takes to make these costumes. There is a lot of planning, creating and prep work that goes into these amazing looks. Some cosplayers are still getting ready at the Con itself:

prep work

Now that the Con is over, everyone goes home to plan next year’s costumes. Who will you be?

NYCC 2014 - All The Pretty Cosplays


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