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NYCC 2013 – MegaBlocks Mountain Recon Set 06812 – Built for


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To say NYCC 2013 was a blast would be an understatement. It was a convention rife with technical issues and stress for yours truly but that doesn’t diminish the fact that every single year just gets better!


This year when I brought my kids on Sunday they were totally blown away.  Everywhere they looked was something”awesome” (as my 3-year-old kept quietly repeating.)  The crowd was better managed than usual so we wandered around and took in the craziness, thoroughly enjoying the experience. After a couple of hours I figured it was about time to head for home, it was day 4 of the convention for me and I was all in. Before we left however we stopped at the Mega Bloks booth out in the foyer of the Javitz center.

Both my kids eagerly climbed into the jeep constructed entirely of bloks, I was told it took two months to build, and then dove into the bins of pieces and began building. I took a moment to chat with the reps manning the booth and quickly realized I was actually talking to the Call of Duty design team!



Great bunch of guys, very into their craft and very happy to discuss things (how I wish I had a video camera at that moment!). As we talked I brought up a few little problems I had encountered with a Halo set I had recently built and the designer asked if I’d like a mini fig from this series… Um Yes Please? So as we walked over to get one a Mega Bloks employee approached and struck up a conversation, I handed him my card as we spoke and he, very graciously, asked me if I’d like to review a set. Again I say Yes Please!


Here’s the review! It was a fun build, hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did building it!


First up the Blind Box (or envelope) Mini Fig…

Then we have the MegaBloks Mountain Recon set 06812,



And finally the Mini Fig from the Mountain Recon set 06812. Why a separate video for the mini fig? If you look at the lengths of the videos it took me almost as much time to do the set as it did the figure!

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