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NYCC 2013 a huge success!


According to Lance Fensterman (Reed Exhibitions Group Vice President) New York Comic-Con had over 130,000 attendees this year, that’s 17,000 more than 2012. Though at times on Saturday it seemed downright easy to traverse the con. In a quote released by ICv2 Lance attributes that to better policing, “I think we had wildly underestimated our fraudulent ticket issue,” Fensterman told ICv2.  “We had the exact same number of ticketed people per day as last year, but if you looked at the common spaces, they were 40% less congested.  We had a pretty big counterfeit problem.”


Instituting the RFID badge this year, which were scanned at entry and exit, reduced the ticket “sharing” problem. It’s been common practice at (most) ticketed conventions to sneak passes out so more people could get in, this year if the pass didn’t get scanned going out it wasn’t getting back in.

I love this, it worked really well, mostly due to the fact that ReedPop hired more than enough people to keep it moving smoothly. There were a few snags and delays at different points of the process but I think if ReedPop sticks with this procedure next year we’ll get another great NYCC.

Guess we’ll find out October 9-12, 2014!

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