NYC Comic Con 2013 Cosplay - The View from Booth 2922 ~ What'cha Reading?

NYC Comic Con 2013 Cosplay – The View from Booth 2922


I love Cosplay. It’s probably the pinnacle of fandom, becoming the character you love. So whenever I go to a con, I snap as many pics as I can. This year, my first as Press, was slightly hampered by a prior obligation to Royal Collectibles, helping them out at their booth (for that tale see: ). So I couldn’t run around as much as I wanted.

I really didn’t need to. The real cosplaying fans, the ones not only dressed up to the nines, but there to shop as well, walking around with bags and rifling through long boxes, came pouring into the booth at such a steady pace it was amazing. This con, among the past few I’ve been to, reminded me why cosplay is awesome:

Because it doesn’t matter how old you are,

merrida & batgirl wolverine

batgirl and ariel little leaia

What gender or race you are,

cap girl catwoman bathroom girl heroes scarlet tranny mystique

Or even what species you happen to be:

marvel dog2 marvel dog

We are all one big family of fans!

huntress and family

Everyone has fun! And that’s what Comics are supposed to be!

So with out further ado, I present; The View from Booth 2922

First up, the always popular Bat-Cast:

bat rob jok batcrew batman in booth batman looking at fig teen bats robincarrie robin tommy and robin

joker killjoke classic harley punk harley harley and bob

batgirl at booth batgirl and joker batwoman huntress scarecrow scarecrow2

Some nice Amazons stopped by:

bombshell ww ww ww at booth

Followed By her pals at DC

ga and bc missmartian zatanna raven superman shopping for titan girls

Spidey fans led the way for Marvel at our booth:

spidey spidey black cat spideygirl and venom venom carnage

And the rest of the gang soon followed:

wolverine and hawkeye vision at booth tommy wolverine scarletwitch punisher no mask deadpool ms marvel and deadpool iron man michelle and doom deadpool twins doc strange fury shopping ghost rider

And it wasn’t just comic fans who showed up all in their Sunday best:

anakin skywalker back to future bob and mad hatter chun li at booth danareys danerys2 god of war hitgirl jareth shreddder turtelhead spock whitewalker wilfred wreck it ralph young indy


See Ya Next Year Folks!


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